Children and


For parents, when a child has some type of physical or psychological difficulties, it can be a daunting task to try to figure out what to do. There are many voices out there giving often conflicting advice as to what course of action should be taken to help the child.


Acupuncture and other techniques used in my practice can often help parents to avoid having problems get progressively worse, and can turn them around and find the harmonious, happy child behind the condition. Children often respond very well to these techniques, and lives can be changed.

These techniques can help to restore a child's internal balance, whether they have some type of pain or other physical issues or are depressed, have attention problems and/or hyperactivity, or have a mood disorder.  This can be done without  drugs, their side-effects, and their unknown possible long-term consequences.

If a child is already being seen by a doctor, psychiatrist or counselor, acupuncture can often be a good complement to the treatment the child is receiving. The child's doctor or psychiatrist and I can work together to help the child, possibly decreasing or changing his/her medications over time depending on the progress of the child (and with the permission of whoever prescribed it). 

Of course, some children are more sensitive than others, and some may not like the idea of getting acupuncture at first, no matter how many times they are told the needles are very thin and cause  little or no pain. In that case, we have  other techniques which are also effective and which the child may feel more comfortable with. Some of these involve touching or stroking the outside of the acupuncture points with non-penetrating instruments (Shonishin acupuncture), warming the acupuncture points (moxa), cupping, etc.

Children are often so responsive to treatment that the healing process can occur with the lightest of treatments. Results can be truly remarkable. Bring your child in for a free consultation and for an initial treatment.  

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