Side Effects of Psychiatric Drugs and Acupuncture

So, once you are trying to alter your day-to-day activities as we discussed last post, what about alternative forms of therapy? Living a healthy and active life doesn't mean that you necessarily get rid of psychological issues just like that. Therapy can be something that a person needs for many years, perhaps a lifetime, to counter difficult thoughts and emotions that may just be a part of you that you always need help with.

The thing is, I believe that the answers to these problems lies within you. We all have an amazing system within us that constantly fights off pathogens, burns food, fuels us to move around, to understand things, solve problems. The answers to any problems you may have are within you. That's why I call acupuncture for psychological issues "Therapy From Within."

The most current treatments for cancer involve stimulating your own genes to recognize the cancer as a threat and fight it. Why is this better than using chemo or some other type of more invasive therapy? Because they tend to destroy a lot more than the cancer they are meant to fight. Causing your body's defenses to do their job is much less destructive. That's why acupuncture has no side-effects. What it does is to stimulate the systems of the body to do what they are designed to do. These systems may have slowed down, or sped up, or become clogged and blocked, or have any number of issues, but acupuncture can stimulate your systems to begin to work again as they are meant to. First, the acupuncturist must recognize what is not working in harmony with the rest of you, then he or she has to figure out why, and finally, through a series of treatments, the acupuncturist will bring the systems back to harmonious functioning. This may take a while, especially if they problems have become chronic over time. And some patients may continue weekly treatment, just as some people go to weekly therapy, long term to prevent chronic issues from returning if the person has a tendency to have that imbalance recur.


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